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Dear Headteachers and Educators,


Although three years ago now, the pandemic took us all by storm, and now that it's gone, we can all pretend to have moved on or to be sailing forward.

But that's not entirely true. Not when our students (and kids) are affected.

They were thrown into the pandemic "new normal" learning system on short notice, and now we expect them to adjust to the post-pandemic learning pattern on their own.

How well is this going for them?

As a headteacher or teacher who truly cares, you've probably been noticing the dullness and underperformance of students in your school.

Especially students in Year 5 and Year 6.

Their motivation is slowly draining away. Some of them still suffer from the effects of the crucial educational milestones they missed when the pandemic hit.

They don't look confident about the days ahead of them - That is, the fast approaching preparation for their transition into secondary school education.

This is what it looks like:

Post pandemic, there was a significant drop in the attendance of both students and staff.

Predictably because some people took a longer time to recover from the sickness while some others didn't get over the trauma that came with COVID early.

The category of students that took the most hit are:

  1.  Students going into year 5 who missed year 1 (2019/2020) and some parts of year 2 (2020/2021).
  2.  Students going into year 6. They equally missed year 2 (2019/2020) and potentially parts of year
  3. That means, year 5 students skipped key stage 1 while year 6 skipped key stage 2.

And now they've struggled to move on academically.

These issues require urgent intervention.

As an educator, I saw through these and it's why I created the "BE YOU Wellbeing & Coaching" Course

To help your students find a new way to cope with this mentally.

While your staff members become equipped with powerful coaching strategies that can easily be applied within the classroom setting.

Introducing The "BE YOU Wellbeing & Coaching" Course

This course is backed by 14 years of teaching experience. With it, you'll have access to well-baked practical video recordings and support sessions that teach effective classroom coaching strategies.

This Course is for You If:

  • You've seen the pandemic's crushing impact on your students' confidence and motivation. And you want to help.

  • The toll on your students' mental health concerns you deeply. And you don't want to watch them struggle to cope.

  • You know the SEMH - Social Emotional Mental Health Services could help, but the sad truth is, they're limited and have a very long waiting list. Your students need help NOW - not later.

  •  You're aware of how tedious the transition to secondary school could be for your students in Y5 & Y6, because of the lapses the pandemic caused.

  •  You want to bridge the learning gaps that the pandemic created and ensure that none of them are left behind.

  •  You feel the urgent need to re-equip your staff with advanced coaching strategies to help uplift your students.


But you can't seem to figure out how to help them on your own.

Then, let me announce to you that:

The intervention and unwavering support you're looking for, is in the "BE YOU Wellbeing & Coaching" course.

This course will help you navigate the complexities of in-school pastoral care and professional therapeutic services, ensuring that your students receive the comprehensive care they deserve.

Here's What Is Waiting For You In The Course

Welcome and Walkthrough Module

This is an intro and a walkthrough session to allow everyone to understand what to expect.

Guide for parents, carers, and professionals

This is where we set expectations for the coaching sessions and discuss issues like confidentiality to ensure that the coaching sessions ahead are as effective as we want them to be.

Coaching Principles and Models

This session is where you get access to dozens of coaching resources containing... how-to guides, classroom coaching strategies and models to ensure the success of each coaching session.

Coaching Roadmap -

6 done-with-your-student coaching sessions:

Getting to know me:

Here, students spend quality time together and interact using different activity prompts.

My Wellbeing:

In this session, students will spend time identifying their feelings and participating in mindfulness activities.

My Participation:

This is where students get to choose the school or home activities they love and freely express their views or worries about anything.

My Relationships:

Here, students learn what healthy relationships look or feel like. They will also find out about their rights in any relationship that is important to them.

My Self-esteem:

This is where students will get to revisit their social and emotional health... and talk about their strengths and difficulties.


Students will reflect on what they've been grateful for, highlight their goals and finally write (with your support) a letter from their future selves to their present selves.

Valued at £1700

You'll Have Immediate Access To The Bonuses Below:

Private Community support

You'll join my fortnightly live video groups/meetups and circles where we can 'chat'

(Valued at £250)

1-on-1 check-in (30 mins)

You'll have access to a complimentary call with me. You can book anytime.

(Valued at £150)

PDF resources 

You also have access to a bunch of other useful PDF resources to help fast-track the coaching sessions and make them seamless for staff members and students.

(Valued at £200)

Mural Board(workbook) 

You'll have access to our online mural board workbook

(Valued at £400)

Everything for an economical price of just £1400!


Are You Ready to Rekindle Your Student's Love for Learning and Equip Your Staff Members to Help?

Listen to What My Students Are Saying…

Year 5 support teacher:

“children engaged with activities well”

Mental health first aid and medical lead:

“Children enjoyed looking at and accepting strengths and weaknesses and enjoyed writing a letter to themselves. These helped them look within themselves and realise their emotions and they have a choice how to feel moment by moment” (year 6)

Are you in?

Get Access to The "Be You Wellness Coaching Course Now

My name is Claudia Mills, and I am a qualified primary school educator and leader. I spent 14 years teaching in schools, public and private, in London and the Caribbean.

I have taught across all primary school year groups and have had the privilege of teaching year 7 and 8 students also. As my career in teaching progressed, I transitioned into leadership; first as a year group leader and then as an assistant headteacher, taking on the role of DSL and SENDCO. 

Like most students, I also have a story of my own…

It explains why I resonate with the struggle that most Students face after the pandemic,

...and why I created the "Be You Wellbeing & Coaching Course"

Many times, I am reminded of days in my childhood and even adult life when I lacked confidence and motivation.

As a child, I often found myself struggling to identify and believe in my abilities and to find the motivation to pursue my goals, if any.

Now, as an educator and leader, I understand how challenging it is for students to find motivation and confidence in their abilities.

I would compare my achievements to those of others and feel inadequate as a result. There were times when I even doubted whether I was capable of achieving anything meaningful.

This lack of confidence and motivation held me back from reaching my full potential.

However, through years of self-reflection and personal growth, I have come to understand the roots of this problem and have learned strategies for overcoming it.

Empowering students to become the best versions of themselves can help promote good mental health, prepare them for secondary school, and plug gaps caused by the pandemic. 

And the "Be You Wellbeing & Coaching Course" is a great place to start.

Although I am in a better place now, had I had early intervention and support in building my confidence and motivation...

I would have been better equipped to tackle these challenges and succeed in my academic and personal life much earlier.

As you can imagine, I worked very closely with students who emulated my younger self; lacking confidence and motivation, as well as students who were withdrawn or presented with challenging behavior, and are underachieving academically. Including those with additional special educational needs.

Like always, I'm here to help you help your students.


Here Again Is Everything You're Getting


  • 6-weeks of thorough coaching to help your staff members develop valuable coaching skills... to help your students get back on their feet.

    (Worth £1700)
  • Access to my private supportive community, group calls.

    (Worth £250)
  •  Access to an exclusive 1-on-1 call with me - anytime!

    (Worth £150) 
  • Access to downloadable PDF resources I recommend for educators who want to ace their classroom game.

    (Worth £200)
  • You'll have access to our online mural board workbook 

    (Worth £400)


    After now... 

  •  You'll finally be able to embrace your calling as a transformative educator, with all the resources and guidance you need, readily available to you.

  •  You'll produce brighter kids you can be proud to call your students.


    But that is not even all…


You'll Also Be Backed With My 100% Money Back Guarantee


This is why I'm giving you this guarantee:

I am confident in the quality and effectiveness of all my online courses, including this one.

But you don't have to keep the "Be YOU Wellbeing & Coaching Course IF:

  •  You fully engage in the course/program, complete all modules and put in place the strategies and techniques taught…
  • But you don’t see remarkable improvements in your student's well-being and personal development...

Send me an email, and you'll have 100% of your money back.

I took away all the risk to show you that I'm only here to help.

Don't hesitate…

Don't let the aftermath of the pandemic dampen your students' potential.

It's time to empower your staff with proven coaching methods to support your students’ well-being.

Get Access to The "Be You Wellness Coaching Course Now