I am often reminded of many a time in my childhood and even adult life when I lacked confidence and motivation.


As a child, I often found myself struggling to identify and believe in my abilities and to find the motivation to pursue my goals, if any.

Now, as an educator, leader and coach, I understand how challenging it is for students to find motivation and confidence in their abilities.

I have spent over a decade teaching in schools, public and private, London and the Caribbean.

As a DSL and SENDCO. I worked very closely with students who emulated my younger self; lacking confidence and motivation, as well as students who were withdrawn, presented with challenging behaviour and underachieving academically; including those with additional special educational needs.

Empathy and emotional intelligence have been key values in my roles, allowing me to connect with students and families.

I am dedicated to helping students:

  • overcome barriers
  • achieve their goals
  • reach their full potential
Personal Experience:

Tailored support for your school’s unique needs.

'Straight In' Intro Sessions:

Observations and creative activities to understand student requirements.


Individual coaching session using BE YOU Wellbeing & Coaching Workbook

Group Coaching:

Peer support and social development within group coaching sessions (up to 6 students) using BE YOU Wellbeing & Coaching Workbook.

Online Course:

CPD course empowering staff to deliver coaching to students.

Community Support:

Foster a sense of community through regular Zoom calls (The Staffroom) and WhatsApp group for staff to connect, collaborate, share wins and challenges.


While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about.

-Angela Schwindt


Children spell love… T-I-M-E.